Together we will save lives.

InVent NI is a philanthropic alliance created specifically to bring together industrial, scientific, medical and engineering expertise and capabilities to rapidly develop and deliver support to frontline medics in the Covid -19 Emergency.

In response to the current Covid-19 crisis and the critical need for more ventilator systems to support patients, an alliance of Northern Ireland based companies and specialists with support of academic experts have committed to make emergency ventilator/automated breathing assistance systems development and manufacture their number 1 priority, in a totally philanthropic endeavour.

The objective of this not-for-profit alliance is to deliver significant numbers of new emergency ventilator/automated breathing assistance systems and other front line equipment within the next few weeks.

A Simple and Functional Design

Assembled with everyday components available worldwide

Our team is creating emergency ventilator/automated breathing assistance systems that can be easily manufactured and assembled from a combination of machined parts and readily available components available in most hardware stores.


Rapid Response

1000 Ventilators

Make a Donation through our dedicated GoFundMe Page


Easy Installation in 5 Simple Steps

  1. Simple compact design requiring minimal space
    ( Measuring approx 60cm x 40cm x 30cm )
  2. Easy direct link to main oxygen supply
  3. Easily adjustable control switches
  4. Single power supply ( 240v)
  5. Easy Install – Casing with clip on brackets


Rapid Response

1000 Ventilators

Make a Donation through our dedicated GoFundMe Page


Join our Network across Ireland and the U.K

Harnessing skills, expertise and manufacturing capabilities

The alliance is coordinated by Inov8 Systems ltd, an instrumentation business based in Belfast who design, manufacture and sell analytical instruments worldwide to the water quality industry. The alliance brings together relevant expertise in mechanical, software and electronic engineers, along with a supply chain that can work together to design and build ventilators. Design and testing of the new the emergency ventilator/automated breathing assistance system is progressing at breakneck pace and the alliance plan to make the design and manufacturing procedure to anyone who wants it. Critically, suppliers have already committed themselves to working out of hours and supplying expertise and parts.

The supply of emergency ventilator/automated breathing assistance systems is a global challenge with many organisations developing similar solutions that may lead to parts scarcity. Consequently, a key feature of the alliance ventilator design is to avoid supply chain issues and to source locally as much as possible. As part of this work alliance partners are actively re-tooling to allow them to manufacture component parts. Although focused on harnessing the skills, expertise, manufacturing capabilities, supply chain and support networks locally, across the island of Ireland and the U.K., the alliance is actively linking with networks across the globe in the effort to optimise the rapid ventilator design and manufacture.

“Even if it is manufacturing other people’s ideas – we want to help. This is a totally philanthropic endeavour that we believe we must do.”

Khalid Thabeth, Team Leader, InventNI

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