In response to the current COVID-19 crisis and the critical need for more emergency ventilator systems to support patients, an alliance of NI companies and specialists with support and input from of academic and medical experts, have committed to make emergency ventilator development and manufacture their number 1 priority.

The alliance draws on input from relevant scientific, medical and engineering expertise and capabilities to define and develop the ventilators. The industrial members of the alliance bring expertise in instrumentation, analytical instruments, software, mechanical fabrication, electronic engineering and combined processes the manufacturing capacity, along with a supply chain that can work together to urgently design and build ventilators. Design and testing of the new the ventilator is progressing at breakneck pace and the alliance plan to make the design and manufacturing procedure available to anyone who wants it.

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The supply of ventilators is a global challenge with many organisations developing similar solutions that may lead to parts scarcity. Consequently, a key feature of the alliance ventilator design is to avoid supply chain issues and to source locally as much as possible. As part of this work alliance partners are actively re-tooling to allow them to immediately manufacture component parts.